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About Us

Established in 2024,

Established in 2024, Amcare Health India is a beacon of hope, founded by Abhitej Nibber, who envisioned a healthier, more equitable India.

Our Founder's Journey:
Abhitej Nibber, a compassionate visionary, discovered stark healthcare disparities during his travels for Amcare hospital.

Amidst the bustling journey of running the Amcare hospital, Abhitej embarked on a profound exploration that led to the birth of Amcare Health India.​

Witnessing underserved communities ignited the spark to extend healthcare beyond hospital walls.

Abhitej Nibber


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Amcare Health India

strives for a nation where every individual, regardless of location or background, enjoys quality healthcare. Our commitment encompasses four vital causes:


Poor Healthcare Treatment

Addressing the gaps in healthcare services, we advocate for and provide improved treatment, ensuring that no one is left without the care they deserve.


Rural Health Awareness

Empowering rural communities with health education, we sow the seeds of awareness for essential practices, disease prevention, and holistic well-being.


Distribution of Sanitary Pads and Medicines

Essential hygiene and access to medicines are fundamental rights. Through our initiatives, we distribute sanitary pads to promote menstrual hygiene and provide medicines to those in need.


Disease Prevention & Nutrition Awareness

Prevention is paramount. We conduct awareness programs on disease prevention and promote nutrition practices to empower individuals for a healthier future.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

Abhitej Nibber’s journey led to the inception of Amcare Health India, but the story continues with your support. Join us in this transformative journey towards a healthier, more compassionate India. Together, let’s redefine healthcare and make a lasting impact.